Normalization of Phospholipid Membrane with Oral Phosphatidylcholine

Five year old female with an undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder presented with a gross distortion of her phospholipid architecture with abnormal lipid binding in June 2010. After 4 months (Oct 2010) of oral phosphatidylcholine imaging of her lipid membrane shows marked improvement along with normalization of her mitochondria (an immune–viral complex was isolated on the mitochondria). Patient is now able to walk with assistance, marked improvement in coordination and muscle tone, and increased growth and development.

Normalization of Phospholipid Membrane with IV Phosphatidylcholine

Male patient, age 82, with a history of prostate cancer. Initial pictures reveal gross oxidative damage to the cell membrane surface, phospholipid membrane and mitochondria after invasive radiation therapy. PSA levels spiked and patient was in extreme spinal pain. Patient received intravenous IV PK Protocol (Phenylbutyrate, Essentiale, Glutathione) and high dose oral lipids for 2 months prior to visiting oncologist Meinrad Milz in Germany. Pain was diminished 50% and patient was able to comfortably travel to Germany for hyperthermia and IV PK Protocol therapy for 2 weeks. Pain was completely eradicated  on the first visit in May 2011 and PSA normalized. Patient continued IV and Oral PK Protocol therapy at home and returned for a check up in Germany December 2011. Patient’s condition is stable and he is enjoying his renewed life.